About Me

I am an artist with a love of form. Living and working in London with its diverse architecture and culture gives me a constant library of images and ideas. I primarily use clay but recently I have been exploring wood, metal and plaster.

The psychological meaning of the objects I make is of great importance to me. Objects carry a wealth of meanings because we all project feelings of desire and longings into them. When looking at objects I try to have an open mind and not to censor my responses, so I can love or hate them freely. 

I aim to carry this free association over into my making process and try not to plan or control what emerges. I begin by looking at and photographing the forms that interest me, usually functional objects that I come into contact with on a daily basis. They are often manufactured objects and I am particularly interested in how they could connect and adhere to each other. I playfully transform these objects, reinventing them in various materials (including fired clay), and once they have gone through this transmutation I feel a greater connection and familiarity with them. It is only later that I stand back and consider whether the elements relate to each and how I feel about what I have created.